NEC e313 mobile phone

NEC e313 is a dual mode cameraphone that is enabled for operating on both the 3G and 2G / 2.5G networks. This candy bar styled mobile phone has a number of advanced features onboard, including support for face-to-face video telephony, GPRS and WAP technology, MMS capability, GUI, slot for Sony MemoryStick Duo™ memory card, Java™ enabled for running applications and games programs, voice memo recorder, MP3 player, e-mail client, and polyphonic ringtones.

NEC E313This phone has a high resolution display of 240 x 176 pixels, and the screen is able to reproduce up to 65,536 different colours. This screen is a good viewing platform to watch the video clips and still photographs that you send or receive in MMS messages, and it is also a clear and bright display for operating the GUI icon driven menu system that this phone uses.

The NEC E313 has a VGA quality integrated camera (640 x 480 pixels), and you have the option to adjust the exposure level to match different light conditions; a digital zoom between 1.7x to 3.3x is also available when you need to use it. With this camera you can take still pictures of three different sizes: 129 x 96 pixels, 120 x 120 pixels and 352 x 288 pixels. The camera is set into the top end of the phone and it can be rotated through up to 180 degrees, which gives you the ability to adjust the camera direction and make it easier to take pictures from different angles. When you need to capture some video, the phone can also act as a video recorder and player, with or without the addition of sound.

With its video calling capability this phone allows you to make live video telephony calls in 3G service areas. This phone is also capable of video streaming and video download, so you can take advantage of any live news or sports action that you wish to see, wherever you are. As the NEC E313 is MMS enabled it can send and receive colour pictures, video and audio messages, as well as standard formatted texts. The phone can handle a wide range of picture, video and audio file formats, including MP3 files.

The NEC E313 already has an impressive 19 MB of memory built-in, but in the side of the phone there is a slot to take a removable Sony MemoryStick Duo™ memory card, and this allows you to expand the phone’s memory capacity and to store many more videos, pictures, sounds and other files that you need to use in your handset. With its MP3 player the MemoryStick gives you the opportunity to take a large number of your favourite tracks with you, for music on the move.

Being Java™ enabled, this phone has the ability to run many different Java games and other applications, and up to 10 Java applications can be stored in the phone at one time. When you want to use new games and applications then these can be easily downloaded from, for example, a WAP site.

The NEC E313 makes use of 3G packet data and is also GPRS enabled, with an “always on” Internet connection, and this will save you time and money on frequent dial-ups. The fast GPRS connection and the WAP browser permits full access to the mobile Internet, and this gives you the chance to use the services available via the WAP sites, enabling you to look for any information that you need. In addition, the e313 has the messaging capability of an onboard e-mail client, which supports the standard POP3, SMTP and IMAP4 protocols.

Connectivity to the NEC E313 is via a USB connector and cable, and this enables you to exchange data and files with PCs, PDAs or other compatible devices. When you need to synchronise personal files or data you can do this with any compatible PC. The phone also has a vibrating alert and T9predictive text input.

NEC e313 camphone specification

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